September 22, 2022

Air Conditioning Solutions In Melbourne

Aussies love to entertain and be a host especially during the summer holidays.
Bringing friends and family together makes the Aussies' holiday season so memorable. 


As a host, you can plan for weeks to make a loved one's visit perfect.
Summer in Melbourne can be unbearable so you may want to look at air conditioning options if you are planning to have family come and visit over summer.
The same goes for extreme winter days. But don't worry.
The air temperature in your home can become a point of contention, no matter how well you get along with your guests.




Upgrade your heating and cooling system

If you're hosting guests who want to change the temperature of their room, their options are limited. Opening a window may not be possible in the winter due to snow, sleet and rain. A single fan can provide airflow and make the room cooler, and a portable fan heater can add some warmth to the room, but perhaps these devices (maybe) are not available. You may also have too many guests in too many rooms to provide everyone with what they want.

Reverse Cycle Heating And Cooling is a surefire way to ensure every room is comfortable for users.

There are two types of heating and cooling systems: central and ductless. Central systems are controlled by a "central" air handling unit that distributes air throughout the house through a duct system hidden behind the walls. A ductless system lacks the main unit and instead has several smaller ventilation units throughout the house. These units are not connected to each other but are connected to an outdoor unit that provides heating and cooling. Since each unit can operate independently, you can set a different temperature for each room!

Having varied temperatures in different rooms is a great way to add flexibility to the air comfort in your home. Guests can control their own room, and you can have peace of mind that they can't control the temperature in your home completely. If you're trying to upgrade or replace a central air system, a new ductless system may be the perfect gift. 


roofing Central Coast

Make your Christmas holiday comfortable.

An entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrade may not be in the cards, but there are various ways to make sure the air in your home isn't lost to leaks and gaps. As you prepare for the holidays, take time to examine the various spots where air may be seeping into or out of your home. Especially important are the areas around windows and doors where gaps can develop over time. These places can cause uncomfortable and inefficient drafts for your HVAC system. 

The simple solution is to prevent drafts by removing old, dried caulk or weatherstripping and replacing it with new material. You can also buy "draft stoppers" that fit under doors that don't seal perfectly with the floor. You can buy these draft stoppers at a local home improvement store, which come in various colours to match your home.

Find the right temperature for your guests!

A fun way to help your guests feel comfortable is to provide them with some festive ways to find the right temperature for them! For example, provide extra blankets in each room for guests to use as they please and lay blankets throughout the house so those shivering can find a warm spot. If you like, you can give a small gift: Slippers, non-slip socks, and warm bathrobes! Cotton and bamboo fabrics help keep it cozy without overheating for those who want to stay cool. 

If the outside weather is cold and dry, you should also consider opening a few windows slightly (only if it doesn't bother the guests). This will allow some of the moisture generated by the party guests to escape. It also keeps the temperatures down and lets fresh air in. Of course, if you do this, you should turn off the ducted heating while the windows are open. You don't want to increase electricity bills heating up the neighbourhood!




What can be done to keep your home from overheating during the summer holidays? 

A little preparation and arrangement ahead of time can go a long way. 

Pre-cool your home before your guests arrive. If it's cold outside and you have ducted heating, turn the thermostat down 3-5 degrees a few hours before your guests arrive. As your home fills up with people, they will bring the temperature back to a comfortable level instead of overheating it.

If the weather is so warm that the heat isn't running anyway - which is sometimes the case here in Melbourne over the holidays - you can turn on the air conditioning for a short time to cool your house down a few degrees.


When you invite your guests over the holidays, don't worry about giving them the climate comfort they want. Talk to them before to find out their preferences for indoor comfort, and use our suggestions to ensure everyone is happy. If you are hesitant about whether your home's aircon system is ready for guests, contact your local licensed HVAC service provider, Beyond Heating and Cooling.  

Beyond Heating and Cooling's air conditioning specialists can assess your home and offer suggestions on improving your air comfort and energy costs. So whether you have central or ductless air conditioning, gas ducted heating systems or add-on cooling systems, whether you like your home hot or cold, Beyond Heating and Cooling feel pride in serving their customers. 



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